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about_history_1_of_2Envisioning a New School

The French American Academy was founded in February 2007 by Anne-Sophie Gueguen who was dreaming of a bilingual education for her 4 children. Nothing existed in Northern New Jersey. Her dream became reality on Bastille Day, July 14th, 2007. The French American Academy opened three Pre-K classes in September 2007.

A Timeline

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  • September 2007.The French American Academy opens in St. Mary’s Parish, in Dumont, NJ, under the name of the French Academy of Bergen County. There are 25 children in the afterschool program, which meet on Wednesday, Thursday afternoon or on Saturdays.
  • September 2008. The Academy expands, offering Preschool and Kindergarten classes. This is beginning of the Full Time School. The plan is to open an additional grade every year in order to grow with the children.
  • April 2009. The French American Academy receives its accreditation from the Middle States Association on Elementary schools. For more information, visit This was a critical accomplishment, the result of five months of hard work by the teaching team, parents and board members.The Association stated: “The Middle States Association’s team commends FAA for its enormous accomplishments in such little time and with such limited resources. A dedicated, well-trained faculty and strong leadership seem to be at the heart of the school’s rapid success.”
  • June 2009. 54 children are registered in both afterschool programs and full time school.
  • September 2009.The French American Academy opens its first first grade class.
  • June 2010. The French American Academy continues to grow. After an exhaustive search for a new facility, and other sizeable challenges, an ideal school building becomes available at the last minute. It is a perfect fit. New Milford is our new home on July 1st. The second grade opens in September.
  • September 2010. A second campus opens in Morris Plains, NJ to answer the needs of an important Francophile community. The French Academy of Bergen County becomes then the French Academy of Bilingual Culture.
  • November 2012. With the impulsion of three French mothers, Caroline Garnier, Celine Monthieu et Ludivine Venturini, the French American Academy opens a third campus in Jersey City. The experience of the FAA combined with the efficiency and skills of these young mothers set up the cornerstone of this new bilingual campus. Caroline Garnier has been one of the founding PTO – Parent Teachers Organization – Board Officers.
  • September 2013. The French Academy of Bilingual Culture becomes The French American Academy to emphasize the bilingual importance in our school.
  • September 2016 is a new milestone: 6th grade opens in New Milford.

Jean-Michel Blanquer, Ministre de l’Education Nationale, avec Anne-Sophie Gueguen




New Milford Campus

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Pre-K2 through 5th grade
1092 Carnation Drive
New Milford, NJ 07646
201 338 8320, press 1

Morris Plains Campus

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Pre-K2 through 1st grade
131 Mountain Way
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
201 338 8320, press 3

Jersey City Campus

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Pre-K2 through 5th grade
209 Third Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
201 338 8320, press 2