We believe preschool is far more than day care. Our mission for preschool is to help children to grow and become independent, establishing a strong base of skills for the future.

A big part of this is preparing our children to be extraordinary students. That includes learning how to interact socially and excel in a group. It also includes improving language skills and becoming more and more familiar with written language.


Motor skills

In short, the program focuses on three main areas:  language, independence and socialization.

The curriculum itself is structured to do the following:

  • Mobilize all aspects of language – oral & written act
  • Act, Express and Understand through physical activities and through arts
  • Build the basics of logic
  • Explore the world (space and time, objects, matter)
  • Promote social and emotional development

All aspects of the curriculum are enhanced through multi-sensorial activities. Children learn by playing, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, writing, and building. In other words, they learn by doing all the things kids love best.

We believe that when education is instilled with a sense of fun, children become great learners.

An example of activities in Preschool : click here