The Pre-K4 Class Presents Their African Project

April 26, 2017

Our Pre-K4 class welcomed their parents in their classroom for an eventful breakfast!

Our “Moyenne Section*” class spent the last few weeks working on the African continent with a special focus on Senegal as part of their yearlong “Travel Around the World” project. As a big finale, they wanted to invite their parents over to share everything they learned around a “verre de bissap” and some cakes. They sang, danced and then presented both in English and French what the specifics of Senegal are. Did you know that French is one the official languages of Senegal? Did you know that “le foot” is their favorite sport? They also presented their visual arts project “An African Village” as well as the “awalé” game they crafted themselves.

It was a real pleasure to see all the parents and students gathered, laughing and enjoying this very special breakfast. We are looking forward to the next destination!


– Jersey City Campus

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