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At the French American Academy, we expect our 5th grade students to meet or exceed the expectations of the French Ministry of Education Program and the U.S. Common Core State Standards.

In Language Arts, we expect our students to possess the skills and knowledge to speak, read, and write in French and in English fluently, demonstrating the quality of education they have acquired. Students will have studied a variety of authors of French and English literature and will be able to discuss and analyze their work with concrete comprehension. Graduates will write in cursive in both languages.

We expect our students to write narrative essays as well as, persuasive, informational texts, poetry, letters, historical fiction, fiction and non-fiction texts.

We expect our students to read, write, and research given topics, making oral and written reports as well as presenting research projects.

In Math, we expect our students to solve academic and general life problems. Graduates will apply their problem solving, logical thinking, and critical thinking skills to master curriculum in computation, algebra, geometry, and data organization, using both the metric and American systems.

In Science, we expect our students to use the scientific method to explore and research Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science. They will display and present their research through “Defi Science” and “Science Fair”. Thanks to our recycling programs, we expect our students to share their awareness of environment and conservation.

In Social Studies, we expect our students to be knowledgeable in French and English civilizations, in world geography, government, current events, and ancient and modern civilizations. Through the bilingual curriculum, they will be able to make cultural and historical connections between continents.

In Art and Music, we expect our students to possess knowledge about many artists and their work, and to be able to compare differences and similarities. We encourage self-expression and expect our students to perform and exhibit their artistic skills in a variety of presentations.

Health: We expect our students to maintain healthy lifestyle habits through awareness of balanced nutrition, and physical activities. We expect them to show sportsmanship in any kind of sports.

Students will be able to apply media skills and technology in all subject areas.


What do we expect them to be able to do with what they know?

  1. We expect them to be lifelong learners that can handle new challenges confidently.
  2. We expect them to use the skills they have acquired in their bilingual education to think critically and innovatively.
  3. We expect their vision of “community” to expand from their neighborhood to the global community and be aware of the needs of the global community.
  4. We expect them to work collaboratively.
  5. We expect them to transition smoothly using their strong academic foundation to become confident leaders in Middle School.
  6. We expect them to be role models and have a positive influence on their peers.
  7. We expect the benefits of their multilingualism and global outlook to better prepare them for future success.

What qualities and characteristics do we want the students to demonstrate?

We want our students to be global citizens

  • open minded and accepting (cultures, ethnicities, abilities, ideas, religions)
  • socially aware (disabilities, economic differences)
  • respectful and polite
  • charitable
  • conscious of their impact on the environment

We expect them to demonstrate

  • team work
  • leadership
  • self-motivation
  • entrepreneurship
  • perseverance
  • technological proficiency

We want our students to be critical thinkers

  • analytical
  • able to propose and debate a point of view
  • public speakers
  • problem solvers
  • having creative minds and imagination
  • thinking outside the box

We want our students to develop self awareness

  • having a strong and healthy work ethic
  • working to their potential
  • knowing their strengths/weaknesses and building on them
  • self-disciplined
  • goal oriented
  • independent/self-reliant/resourceful

We want our students to maintain health and wellness

  • to be physically fit
  • to practice sportsmanship
  • to demonstrate efforts
  • to be nutritionally informed
  • to be aware of their emotional feelings
  • to express themselves artistically


Our Fifth graders are producing each month an online magazine :

New Milford Campus

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Pre-K2 through 5th grade
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Morris Plains Campus

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Pre-K2 through 1st grade
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Jersey City Campus

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Pre-K2 through 5th grade
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