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graduationThe French American Academy is proud to open its Middle School in September 2016. 6th grade will be located in the New Milford Campus.

You can enroll your child in one of the following tracks:

French / English – This is the natural continuity of your child’s bilingual elementary education at the FAA or at another French-American School. Students can speak, read, write and count in both languages at a 6th grade entrance level.

English with Accelerated French – In this track, students are not required to have prior French language and you can start with no French knowledge. However, this track can also be the natural path for French-speaking families who didn’t choose the bilingual education during elementary years but would like now to deepen their child’s ability in French. A strong second language with its cognitive and social benefits will be an advantage for a better high school or college.

French with Accelerated English – this track is the natural track for non-English speaking families who are just moving to the United States. The students will receive a high level of individualized instruction in English.

Spanish / English (in September 2017)

In 6th grade, the students will have, each day, 7 periods of 50 minutes and will follow both the American Core Standards and the French or Spanish Ministry Education Standards.

Core Academics
Humanities, Math, Science, 3rd Language, Physical Education & Health, Music and Music History, Arts and Art History.

Our elective classes provide students with a well-rounded education giving them more opportunities to explore, new interests to develop or academic skills to perfect. Through our electives classes students can expand their writing skills, critical thinking skills, and communication skills. This is really rare that a Middle School provides electives and we are proud of this program.

The students of the FAA have four electives to choose from, adding the spice of life to a pure academic schedule:

  • TV Studio
  • Writing workshop / Journalism
  • Music assisted computer
  • Coding / Programming scratch and flash

To teach beyond traditional structures of the school day and to create a population of prepared, confident users of technology our Middle School students benefit from our one-on-one laptop policy and each student is provided with a Mac Book Air.

The FAA values a personal approach and each Middle School student is assigned to a faculty advisor. Each advisor acts as the student advocate and liaison between home and school for academic and non academic issues. Advisors will (1) assist students with academic and social concerns, (2) assist the students with organizational skills and time management, (3) guide the students to become an independent and organized learner. This is a key element in preparing our students for High School and College.


Each week, the students will practice their oral speaking abilities to become strong public speakers. Debates allow students to become more proficient in speaking, researching, reading, and writing skills, and they promote reasoning as well as communication skills. Fact-filled and passionate debates provide the incentive for students of all academic and socioeconomic levels to become engaged and to participate in the debate process.


“Education is not a learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.”
Albert Einstein


Contact Cathy Joly, the Admissions Director, to schedule a private tour at



New Milford Campus

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Pre-K2 through 5th grade
1092 Carnation Drive
New Milford, NJ 07646
201 338 8320, press 1

Morris Plains Campus

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Pre-K2 through 1st grade
131 Mountain Way
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
201 338 8320, press 3

Jersey City Campus

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Pre-K2 through 5th grade
209 Third Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
201 338 8320, press 2