Welcome to the French American Academy.


The French American Academy (FAA) is a warm, nurturing, progressive school offering a child-centered environment that uses the dual lenses of French and English to inspire and cultivate open-mindedness, empathy and a lifetime love of learning.

At FAA, we combine the best of both educational systems, and, with vigor and enthusiasm, create a path to excellence.[1]

A few highlights

  • Projects based environment. Students are engaged in interdisciplinary projects creating an effective and enjoyable way to learn.
  • Problem solving situations. Students have the opportunity to use many different strategies to solve real life problems. Investigation is at the heart of the math and science curriculum.
  • Readers & Writers Workshop. Students learn how to become independent and effective readers and writers.
  • Bilingual team. Students benefit from attentive, highly credentialed teachers working together behind the scenes or co-teaching in the classroom.
  • A well-rounded curriculum with emphasis on technology, visual arts and music to develop creativity and imagination.
  • Small class size to provide differentiated instruction. Our average class size welcomes 14 students.

Thank you

We didn’t do this alone.  As one parent said, the “utter uniqueness of the place,” our passionate parents have helped create a close-knit community that reflects the welcoming spirit of our classrooms. It is this partnership that has enabled FAA to be the school of excellence so many parents seek for their children.

Bilingualism optimizes a child’s social and cognitive aptitude – presenting an invaluable opportunity to develop, learn and grow – equally, in both languages.

If you’re just learning about our school, we invite you to come by and take a tour. We think you will like what you see. If you’re already part of our family, thank you.


With warmth and gratitude,
Anne-Sophie Gueguen, Founder and Head of School