A Few Tips

In addition to our e-learning school during the day, we are happy to provide some additional resources. Every Friday, we’ll offer a new selection.
Don’t hesitate to share new ideas at info@faacademy.org

In English A turtle’s tale
In French Les Schtroumphs

Dance   Learn to dance like a Wixx 5 in French Canadian

A book in French: Ma vallée de Claude Ponti
A book in English: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dr Seuss

Visit from home the Museum of Natural History

Need to get outside?
Explore the coral reef in English
isit the palace of Versailles in French

Cooking: A super simple cookie recipe

Crafts: Make your own playdough in French or in English and never fall short again!

Due to the coronavirus situation, your child has to experience a certain amount of time away from social activities and sports activities with his friends. Exercising and physical activities are more than ever important now to keep spirit high.

Here are some tips.

  • Outdoor activities : 

Walk : Counties and Town parks may be closed but you still should be able to do a short walk in your neighborhood , or to hike in a state park. 

Run / Bike : If your child  is not comfortable with running, you can mix run and walk or they can follow you with their bicycle. Please make sure your children wear a helmet when riding their bicycle/skateboard/rollerblade. 

Ball games : you don’t need a full team to play soccer or basketball if you work on specific skills like passes, dribbles, shoots…

Badminton : If you have access to a back yard or a park, this is the easiest racket sport to set up and to learn. You could find badminton set easily online.

  • Indoor activities :
    • Yoga : Doing yoga with all family could be fun. You will find plenty of videos on youtube to practice yoga with kids. Here is an example.
    • One specific skills you can focus on is the sun salutation that can be a daily routine. Try to do it in a sunny room or outside if you have a garden or a rooftop ideally when the sun rises. Try to practice deep breathing all along the exercise. Here’s an example.    
    • For those who are looking to something more challenging, you can add some elements to it.  also you can vary the speed and the amount of repetition depending on if you’re looking for a relaxing exercise or a cardio exercise.
    • Yes video games could be turned into a fun sport activity.
    • There’s also a lot of apps,now available for free, giving fitness class. And you can still use some videos to follow a rhythm.
    • In terms of abs and lower body exercises, your children have to be precocious as they are growing fast at the moment.  Therefore, they should not use any weight and always pay attention to the position of their back as back issues are common at their age. Here’s a link of some exercises they can practice. Plank position can also be doing progressively .
    • Plyometric exercises are very useful in many sports including basketball, football and track and field for improving vertical leap, reactivity and speed. Here’s a link for some exercises your children can practice. Another one.

The French American Academy during the coronavirus crisis

Like the rest of the society, The French American Academy has to adapt to a new reality: a pandemic of unseen proportion affecting our routines if not our health.

Our capacity to adapt and live through this difficult time is tested like never before.

First thing first. Health and Hygiene.

Friday March 13th was our last day of school. Since then we have closed our buildings to the community and reduced its access to a limited number of people. We are practicing social distancing, washing our hands, and cleaning all surfaces with disinfecting products. .

Next Education and Schooling at Home.

Monday March 16th. Online classes seminar for teachers and staff. We are practicing social distancing. No hug. No handshake. Everyone focuses on the mission. Our goal: maintain the link with the students through web-based online session.

Teachers assembled in gym practicing social distancing

Our teachers preparing for online classes while practicing social distancing

Tuesday March 17th, we enter in full force into the world of online classes. Students follow an updated e-learning schedule which requires discipline and focus. They are not on vacation. We ask them to be cooperative and follow new guidelines.

We ask them to get out of bed and dress as if they come to school.

This is challenging and demanding, proving strong adaptation skills.

Our teachers, our staff, our managers are totally committed to continue the education of the students, and help them maintain a social life with their peers through online classes.

We have delivered resources to families who did not have a computer or an IPad available at home. We understand that not everyone has equipment available while Mom and Dad are working from home

Our teachers are proving that creativity and enthusiasm are in abundance in our community.

Parents and families of students are also part of the team by helping their child to adapt to these circumstances and showing tons of patience and sending lots of messages of support.

student using an IPad

We do not know when we will re-open the school. We do not control the parameters. But we are all in together, and we will get through this stronger and better. Please know that nothing will compromise our commitment to take care of your child and his / her education you trust us to insure.


The covibook will help a child understand the coronavirus without unnecessary anxiety.
Version available in French and in English.

French Movies

Never miss an opportunity to spend time in family and practice French. Here is a list of French family-friendly movies available on U.S. streaming platforms!