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Bilingualism in French and English in Middle School

Introducing Our New American Track.

There are many benefits to being bilingual. And French is one of the most spoken and fastest growing languages in the world. As a parent, you want the best education for your child and research shows that mastering 2 languages improves attention, information management and organization ability. But it is often difficult to actually be bilingual, and even more so if you start late. That is why the French American Academy has built a new American Track specifically designed for children in Middle School with no background in French. This track uses a proven methodology and a dedicated structure that will give your child solid foundations in French and valuable skills based on culture differences.

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Who Is The French American Academy

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With over 10 years in bilingual education, The French American Academy provides bilingual education for future international citizens. Its well-rounded curriculum is unparalleled, combining academic excellence with social, emotional and diverse experiences .

What Is The American Track?

No French Knowledge Required

The American Track welcomes Middle School students who have no knowledge or very limited knowledge of French or students who are high performing in English, or already bilingual in another language with strong English proficiency.

In the American Track students get an accelerated path to the French language, with 6 hours of small group instruction in French as a second language, and full immersion in visual arts and physical education. 

Students are combined with students from the Bilingual Track in Humanities, English math class, English Science class and music.


Online Information Session : Dec 2 | 7:00pm.
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