Better Results

Parents’ involvement is key to your child’s success. Many studies shows that family involvement is critical to student achievement in school. Children whose parent take an active interest in their school work achieve greater academic success than their peers.

Support is Key

To accelerate language acquisition, parents’ efforts and encouragements are instrumental. Whether your child is a French-speaker who just moved to the United States or an English-speaker with no French at home, the exposure to the learned language outside of school will tremendously target language acquisition.

Our Favorites

Under your supervision and with your guidance, the internet can offer a wide access to language games or books. Our favorite application which is valid in both languages is, available on any device. This offers access to hundreds of quality children’s books to read and to listen to. In addition to listening to the target language, this app reinforces a love for literacy.

Depending on the child’s age, we also recommend watching a movie or cartoons. Youtube, Netflix or TV5 can be a helpful resource. For older students,  listening to radio programs like France-Info, France-Inter or to news on all of which will help prepare students for oral comprehension of the DELF exam.

Website for French Educational games to learn how to read with the sounds. It is free. Here is a very interesting site. Your children could listen and read French stories, classical poems, documentaries about different cultures, animals, etc.And if your register (it is free) you could have access to games, and coloring.

Cartoons (K and up)

  • The Youtube channel “Il était une fois” offers multiple playlists of a famous, funny and oldie educational program. You can choose from a selection of themes like the space, life or the Americas
  • Les Cités d’or

Show (2nd G and up)

Radio (3rd G and up)

Websites for English This is a wonderful phonics site. It includes readers and games. Perfect for the beginner readers.   Your children can reinforce their vocabulary, mathematical skills and at the same time they can help a World Food Programme.

Social Interactions (Outside of Covid-era)

If you are just moving to the States, playdates are an effective way for your child to practice the language. Exposure to the target language throughout the year is important, and moreover during the summer. Two months and a half without exposure slows down the process and we cannot stress enough the importance of regular and constant exposure. We do offer summer camps which helps families keep up their language skills. Your support is precious. If you have other ideas or recommendations, please send us your advice at