In honor of National Dental Month, we welcome not only one but two dentists in our Prek-K classrooms. During their visit, our students were exposed to new vocabulary, information and interesting kid friendly facts about teeth and dental hygiene. We also got to read a Dr. Seuss Story, The Big Tooth, in honor of Dr. Seuss’ 110th Birthday.
Students were able to watch a PowerPoint created by the dentist, showcasing interesting information that was educational to the students. Afterwards we learned the proper way to brush and floss, with the help of a stuffed dinosaur named Wilber. To review, students then played two games. A sorting game where students had to decide if things were “good or not good” for their teeth and stick pictures to a magnetic tooth board.  And finally, students were asked to pull plastic food pieces out of a bag and vote “thumbs up or thumbs down” to good and bad foods for us.  We thank Ms Christina, our Kindergarten English Teacher for this fun and educational morning!
     –  Jersey City Campus