Welcome to our bilingual world !

The French American Academy’s community gathers parents, students, teachers and alumni.  This friendly close-knit community believes in the benefits of a bilingual education. Similarly, we celebrate diversity and international citizens. In addition, we also gather actively in different events throughout the year.

Our community is diverse.

With more than 30 different nationalities, The French American Academy is a vibrant multicultural community. Our students are from all around the world. In other words, wherever you come from, if you want to discover, engage and interact with others, we have something for you here :

  • For parents : meet and connect with other parents, make friends, get involved in the school life
  • For students : Discover the French American Academy Alumni path. In addition, you can explore extra activities and the school life
  • Visit our teachers’s page to know more about them!
  • The French American Academy organizes many events throughout the year. Each of them is an occasion to celebrate bilingualism, international diversity and make new friends!

Our community speaks about us

There is a very simple way to know the value of the school. Indeed, you just have to go and discover what our parents say about us. To do so, you just have to visit the sites where they write their reviews. Of course, we hope that you will want to contribute as well!

Our community is active

We are lucky enough to have a very active PTO (Parent Teacher Organization). For example, they organize the Book fair, wine tasting event and more. Visit our events page to learn more. Contact them to learn more about opportunities to engage in the community.