The French American Academy provides an environment of academic excellence as well as many events throughout the year that enrich school life.

Back to School Night

The year begins with Back to School Night for Parents in September : an evening dedicated to learning everything about your child’s curriculum, projects and schedule. This evening represents a first step in building a classroom and school community.

Tasting Day

In October, Tasting Day exemplifies the international spirit of the FAA when all students share flavors from around the world in their classrooms.

The Halloween Parade

The Halloween Parade is a great hit among students and is a first opportunity for children to sing in front of an audience.
Even teachers get dressed!


At Thanksgiving, the whole school shares a meal together as the Pilgrims did with the Wampanoag, celebrating the bounties of our life, in a spirit of gratitude! We are thankful for our PTOs (Parent Teacher Organization) who provide and organize this lunch.

The December’s Songs Festival

The December’s Songs Festival ushers in a season of joy with a rich choral repertoire.

"La Galette des Rois"

Language and Culture unite during the beloved meal of “La Galette des Rois” in January.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day launches a wide mailing operation where students write, create and post thoughtful cards to each other. This annual practice of kindness builds connections between older grades and preschoolers, promoting a greater sense of empathy, care, and attentiveness towards each other.

Day of “Francophonie” / Science Fair

Day of “Francophonie” celebrates the French Language spoken around the world and allows students to expand their curiosity and open-mindedness towards other cultures. It goes hand-in-hand with the International Potluck organized by the PTO for the parents.

Day of “Francophonie” alternates with the Science Fair, every other year.

The Science Fair presents experiments and exhibits worked on by all classes. The Science Fair is, often presented in coordination with the “Defi Sciences” organized by the French Ministry of Education and AEFE. Past fairs have challenged the students to create amazing projects like building vehicles that will stay in the air, homes that can survive harsh habitats and filtration systems that can purify dirty water.  The groups get to formally present and share their projects with the entire school community.

The Art Show

The Art Show in May presents vivid and varied expressions of creativity with drawings, painting, sculptures, video, artifacts, etc. from the prehistoric ages through the age of modern art!

End-of-the-Year Celebration

Our End-of-the-Year Celebration is the culmination of another year marked by learning and growth.  The student body presents a colorfully themed pageant in a theatrical program filled with song, recitals, costumes and stagecraft.  The beautiful and entertaining show is immediately followed by games and amusements.

The Graduation – and the Clap Out for the graduating class on the last day of school – finally closes the school year.

Bastille Day


In July, the French American Academy celebrates Bastille Day.

Our upcoming Bastille Day will be held on Saturday July 13th 2019 in front of the Jersey City campus on 3rd street.

Click here to feel a bit of “Joie de Vivre” and see pictures of previous editions.

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