Being a parent at the French American Academy

Parents are a cornerstone to our school development. With more than 40 nationalities involved in the school, they represent a vibrant community of international individuals. The French American Academy provides tons of opportunities to meet, get involved with the community. For example you can share knowledge and experiences, and welcome new families. All these activities contribute to foster engagement and a sense of belonging around school values.

Parents are the essential link between school and students. As a parent, you know how your child feels. For example, you know if he feels grumpy or if he is happy to go to school. As a result, you can help us better understand him or her. Moreover, you can also relay and amplify school messages. Finally, you can ensure homework is duly done.

Being a parent is not an easy ride! Of course, much of it is joy and victories to share. But there are also challenges, doubts, lack of time and many other things that can make you feel overwhelmed.

Discover the community

We are here to help! Whether you just want practical informations or want to engage at full speed, we have something for you here.

  • Get involved with the PTO¬† (Parent Teachers Organization). It helps the school raise funds and work toward specific goals and programs. The PTO is always looking for more parents wishing to engage and share their talents. If interested, or if you would like to reach the PTO officers, send a message to :
  • Support the school in becoming a class parent or participate in other activities
  • Meet other parents in engaging activities
  • Arriving from another place? Struggling with your kids? Get help with tips, advices and more

Also, have a look at our blog for articles about parenting and more

And don’t forget to visit the pages for other members of our community like students or teachers!