Meet Parents at The French American Academy

As a member of the French American Academy’s Community, you can easily meet and connect with other parents, be part of moms or dads’ groups and engage in various social activities. Whether you are new or already in the school, you can find something for you here.

WhatsApp groups

  • Pilates : Join French American Academy parents and friends for 1 hour pilates sessions with Agnes, mother of 3 students and certified trainer. Various times and days. On-site and Online sessions available. Connect, engage and get regular updates via the app. Contact Agnes at
  • Swap & sell : This group is a great way to exchange goods for our little ones at minimal / no cost while acting for sustainable development. Contact Antoine at



  • Social gathering, school events…plenty of occasions to meet other parents at our events


Want to create a new group? Already created one and want to add it here? Please contact us so we can help you do it.

Want to know more ?

Explore what The French American Academy offers to parents by visiting our parents section. You will discover how to engage with and support the school, tips and much more!