Struggling with parenting? We’re here to help.

Parenting is not easy and raising a child in today’s world can be daunting. There can be issues with which you could use a little help, or tips or advice. The French American Academy  is your partner through this path.

The academic triangle of cooperation

Picture of the Academic triangle of cooperation illustrating the partnership between parents teachers and administration to the benefits of the child

This triangle illustrates how teachers, administration and parents work together to create a nurturing environment, bring efficient tools and help the child reach his full potential.

At The French American Academy, we try to develop students’ social and emotional skills through a responsive classroom approach and advisory sessions. In school, teachers and staff are specifically trained to help children overcome challenges. As a result, they are able to support them through dialogue and listening. Likewise, the administration team works closely with teachers to build a personal connection with children and families.

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At home, we encourage you to visit our blog where we have created a special section with parenting tips. We offer constructive insights and advice that both inform and empower parents. For example, you will find :

Being a parent is more than parenting

Visit our parent section to learn how to engage in our community or find other tips!