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New Milford Campus is moving to Englewood!!
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Welcome to the French American Academy !

The French American Academy is an international, bilingual school with a warm, nurturing, and progressive mindset. A true international school, the French American Academy hosts more than 30 nationalities, which makes it almost as diverse as the United Nations. It is an academic and social environment like few others. We offer a child-centered environment that uses the dual lenses of French and English. As a result our curriculum inspires and cultivates open-mindedness, empathy and a lifetime love of learning.

At The French American Academy, we combine the best of both educational systems, and, with vigor and enthusiasm, create a path to excellence. If you’re learning about our school, we invite you to explore our website or go directly to our mission & values to know more. And if you’re already part of our family, thank you.

With warmth and gratitude,

Anne-Sophie Gueguen, Founder and Head of School


A child in Pre-K class at the French American Academy


A boy in Elementary School at The French American Academy


A boy in Middle School at the French American Academy








Our Blog


Winning the AEFE Dance Challenge Congratulations to the Middle School Team who participated in the first AEFE Dance Challenge  ! Their powerful and meaningful production has been awarded first place in North America in the Middle School Section! Their choreography will be now competing at the world level.    Dance, Music, Video : An expression […]

Defi Photo Mathon

A project sponsored by the AEFE The AEFE photo-maton project is a challenge originally created by Sébastien Rivillon et Nicolas Villemain, Maths teachers and Educational advisors for North America. More details about the Photo-Mathon here (In French).   Photo-Mathon at the French American Academy At the French American Academy, 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th graders [...]

Project Based Learning

Project-Based Learning at the French American Academy The French American Academy fosters a Project Based Pedagogy to help children become active students who take ownership of their learning. Why do we believe in Project Based Pedagogy ? It improves understanding and retention of content It increases motivation for all students who learn by actively engaging [...]

Virtual Museum

Welcome to our virtual museum. Celebrating Art! Art is a universal language, transcending cultures and creativity. The French American Academy celebrates the arts on a daily basis. This week, our preschoolers have been inspired by masterpieces of Klimt, Miró and Van Gogh. They created their own piece of art, in an interdisciplinary project allying language learning, […]

Ambassadeurs en Herbe

About Ambassadeurs En Herbe Created in 2012 by the AEFE, Ambassadeurs en Herbe promotes skills linked to the simultaneous learning of several languages. How to convince through oral expression, how to gain trust by understanding of and openness to intercultural experiences. For the 2020-2021 school year, the 9th edition of Ambassadeurs En Herbe follows an […]

Diversity and Inclusion – More than words

Diversity and Inclusion are more than Words for Us On Martin Luther King day, The French American Academy has implemented a workshop with its teachers and administration on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion. Academic Excellence is not Everything Everyday, we can see the need for more tolerance in our world. A teacher’s work is, of [...]

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