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Team spirit


Here is a quote that best reflects teachers’ team spirit at The French American Academy.


“Tout seul on va plus vite, ensemble on va plus loin”

“Alone, we go faster, together we go farther”



As you are about to discover a short biography of each member of the faculty, we want to pay a tribute to the tremendous strength that comes from our teachers teams. Gathered around shared values, our professors have proven many times how committed and driven they are, as a team, to nurture and mentor each and every one of our students. For example, their adaptation to Covid-19 crisis and remote learning has been extraordinary in many ways. Click on the Remote learning page to learn more! Discover teachers team spirit and meet the administrative staff by clicking on The Team


…And strong individuals teachers !


Meet your child’s teacher(s). Like the rest of our community, The French American Academy’s educators are diverse and multicultural. In addition they all are certified and own various degrees.

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