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Share & Learn evenings

Purpose of Share & Learn evenings

Share & Learn evenings are a way to build an even more compelling community and allow parents to connect between them in engaging ways.

Present your knowledge to others

During Share & Learn evenings, you will have the ability to present to others parents, members of the French American Academy’s Community a topic on which you are an “expert”. It can be something about your job or your passion for example. We want to give the opportunity to each member of the community to discover a new subject through one another. As a school, we believe in the transmission of knowledge and you also can play your part! Do you have a passion for wine or sport cars? An expertise in social media or cross cultures? We want to hear you so get involved! Not only will you be able to communicate your passion to an ever-curious audience, but you’ll be able to develop meaningful connections that can have a future outside the school!

Learn and engage

We all like to discover new things. This is part of Human nature. Having a passionate speaker in front of us is one of the most powerful and engaging way to learn. Attending these evenings presentations will give you an opportunity to learn something new. And who knows, it may even open new possibilities for a potential personal or professional development!

To present or attend, contact us