The French American Academy is proud to provide a comprehensive approach and professional assistance for students who demonstrate language, educational or social challenges.


ESL – FSL intervention – English or French as a Second Language

Language Support teachers on our team provide supplemental instruction in French or English.

ESL classes are designed to teach English to non-native English speaking students at a pace and/or level conducive to each student’s ability. Non-English speaking students are accepted at every grade.

FSL support is available to English-speaking students starting in Kindergarten and up. In early grades, the child will be immersed at around 80% in French and should not need any supplemental exposure.


Instructional Support

A student may need temporary or long term help in reading, writing and math. The instructional support program is here to reinforce the student in his/her academic learning.


Accelerated Program

The French American Academy provides an accelerated math program for eligible students. Students whose motivation, outstanding talent, performance, or potential for performing at high levels of accomplishment, will receive accelerated instruction.


Intervention Team

Three bilingual consultants work with the French American Academy and are part of the Intervention Team:

  • Lucien Duquette, Licensed Psychologist, Ph. D.
  • France Weill, Licensed Speech Therapist, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
  • Jeannette Flanagan, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, M.S.W.

The purpose of the Intervention Team is to provide in-house professional assistance for students who demonstrate learning, behavior or health needs (according to the State of NJ). The Intervention Team provides an effective collaborative problem solving process.


After School Programs and Private Lessons

The French American Academy also offers after school programs & private lessons in French for students and adults