October 9-13, 2017

After a great beginning to the year, the Pre-K4 and the kindergarteners decided to take advantage of the great fall weather and went on a field trip to pick apples and pumpkins for the Tasting Week*.

The Tasting Week is a French Education Nationale initiative to promote healthy food and gastronomy. Is there a better time than the fall to go out, have a field day at the farm choosing, tasting and enjoying everything about apples and pumpkins? With their shiny and colorful fruits and gourds, our students made cider, pumpkin soup and of course, later on this month will decorate some Jack O’lantern.

Our students, teachers and staff had a great day both at Tenafly Center and Giamerese Farm. Thank you for this memorable day.

*La semaine du gout

3 thoughts on “Fall, Apple, Pumpkin & Tasting week!

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