This week, we are celebrating Linda Crosnier, PTO President of the New Milford Campus.
Linda has been an active supporter of the school since its inception. Through her dedication, we thank her and all PTO Officers who are volunteering their time and energy to the benefit of all students. Running fundraisers and social events requires efforts and patience. A big thank you!

Linda, what does FAA mean to you?
The FAA means “opportunity” to me. Over the past 10 years my family has had the
opportunity to join a community of open-minded, culturally diverse and interesting
families who are part of a global community. My three children, Chloe (18), Lucas (14)
and Juliette (10), have been given the opportunity to learn the language and culture of
France so they can truly appreciate their French heritage. My husband, in addition to
being one of the first FAA board members, has had the opportunity to meet and make
friends with other French expats like him. And I, as a parent and PTO board member,
have had the opportunity support the school while watching my youngest daughter
grow from a scared little 2 year old on her first day of Pre-K to a very confident, curious
and intelligent 10 year old who has the courage to speak up, take chances, ask questions
and stand up for justice. Because of her years of education at the FAA, her unique
attitude and perspective on life have thrived, all because of the opportunities she had
had there. In addition, she has had the opportunity to explore the fine arts and to work
with teachers who know her well and are truly willing to creatively work with her to
bring out her best.

Tell us more about you…
       If you were a city:  New York City! (Sorry Paris)
       If you were a meal:  Seafood Gumbo (I’m a southern girl)
       If you were an activity:  Does walking on the beach count?
       If you were an animal:  Eagle or Dolphin (to see the world in a different way)
       If you were a book:  A history book (the closest I’ll get to traveling back in time)

What has been your best moment at the school?
It’s hard to decide but I think the moment I saw Juliette singing and playing air guitar on
stage in front of everyone at the End of Year Show last year was one of my favorites.
That level of comfort and confidence took a lot of guts and is an example of why I like the
FAA’s method of teaching. Confidence and self-esteem are so important!

What is your motto
You never know what you can achieve until you try.