“Mens sana in corpore sano”

The French American Academy values the importance of a healthy lifestyle and promotes exercise and balanced nutrition.

Teamwork and effort are not only emphasized in the classroom but also on the fields.

Soccer is a very important part of the FAA Life, with 5 teams playing in the Fall. Our students won two championships :

  • U9 Spring 2014 NCSA league, flight D
  • U10 Spring 2015 NCSA league, flight C


In 2016, the FAA U11 team moved up to flight B and finished 6th place.

Fall is usually the season for cross country races.

The FAA  has participated in the Haworth 5K Run/Walk since their first race in 2010, FAA launched a cross country team in 2014 and runs in many other races.

In Winter, Basketball and badminton are played indoor in our gyms.

In Spring, we launch the Rugby season with tournament participation in June.

We also play handball and organize handball tournaments between campuses.