The Students Councils from Elementary and Middle School met this week. The elected students came with many ideas to improve their school life.

In Elementary grades, topics such as recess, sports, and Halloween were discussed. A decision has been taken to launch the first Door Decoration Contest for Halloween!

In Middle School, lunch, sports, recycling, and fundraising were among the topics. Eighth graders will start to enjoy a “Downtown Lunch” twice a month, and all Middle Schoolers will have the opportunity to purchase a lunch from a local restaurant, Atlas. A balanced and varied nutrition was at the heart of this conversation.

Congratulations to our delegates for this semester:
Carly & Meika, Augustin & Corali (1st Gr ), Kyla & Lena, Charlotte  & Thomas (2nd Gr), William & Gael (3rd Gr), Matthew & Shoshanna (4th Gr), Isaac & Sophia (5th Gr),
Bosco & Noah (6th Gr), Maya & Hector (7th Gr), Daria (8th Gr).

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