Graduated from the French National Education and holding a master’s degree in management, – Specialization Management and development of academic organizations, I first served as primary school teacher and then as Principal or Head of school.

I worked for 26 years in France for the National Education. Over the years, I have always worked with teams to create a welcoming environment for everyone – students and teachers and parents – in which students can reach their potential and ensure that all experience success in a school culture that inspires dreams, develops compassion, and opens minds.

In August 2017, we moved in North Carolina, and I immediately began working as teacher in a French American bilingual school in Raleigh.

Then, I was employed by a bilingual High school in Houston for a specific mission: provide instructional leadership for the school’s K-12 programs and therefore restructure the French program to focus on its academic implementation while creating a link to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) to ensure that high school students have a dual opportunity for further education.