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The French American Academy is a thriving community that transcends academics with programs, clubs and activities that enrich the life and growth of the whole child.
• Visual Art classes and special projects integrate with FAA’s curriculum, helping students recognize and appreciate different artists, schools and periods within a broader historic and cultural context.
• Studio classes include: drawing, painting, sculpture, video and photography.
Field Trips
• Daytrips to museums, nature centers, science exhibitions etc.
• Overnight or week-long trips explore natural science, culture and history in places like; the Catskills, Quebec, Washington D.C.
and Philadelphia.
Pre-K and Elementary Chorus • Music classes and Band
• Soccer • Cross-country • Basketball • Rugby
• Students have the opportunity
to form clubs that foster business, leadership and organizational skills.
At the FAA, ipads, laptops and interactive boards are part of everyday school life.
Beginning in first grade, each student manages his or her own digital portfolio.
Our Middle School has a one–on-one laptop policy and each student is provided with a
Mac Book Air.
 “The curriculum is ambitious and unique, in a nurturing environment. With so many talented teachers and staff, and such an enthusiastic community of parents coming from all around the world, our kids have been thriving since Day 1.”
—Caroline G. (Jersey City Campus)

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