History of The French American Academy

In this section we unfold the development path of The French American Academy since its inception in 2007 until today. These milestones, part of the small history of our school, are part of a long matured process leading us to where we are now and what kind of student and young adult we want to create: a bilingual international citizen of the world product of excellence in education.

July 2007

We made History by launching our first Open House on July 14, 2007 in the basement of St. Mary’s Parish, in Dumont, NJ.

September 2007

The French American Academy starts its first program under the name, The French Academy of Bergen County. Indeed, there are 25 children attending the after school program with one day of immersion for younger attendees.

September 2008

The school expands, offering Preschool and Kindergarten classes. This marks the beginning of the Full Time School. Next, the plan is to open an additional grade every year toward a true international bilingual school.

April 2009

The French American Academy receives its accreditation from the Middle States Association on Elementary schools.  In brief, this was a critical accomplishment and a major milestone, the result of many months of hard work by the teaching team, parents and board members. And in support of its conclusion the Association stated: “The Middle States Association team commends the French American Academy  for its QUOTE“…enormous accomplishments in such little time and with such limited resources. A dedicated, well-trained faculty and strong leadership seem to be at the heart of the school’s rapid success….” UNQUOTE.

June 2009

54 children are registered in both after school programs and full time school. The student body is truly international with more than 10 nationalities.

September 2009

The French American Academy opens its first “first grade” class. In addition the bilingual education program started in preschool expands in middle school.

July 2010

Next the school continues to grow. After an exhaustive search for a new facility, and other sizable challenges, an ideal school building becomes available in New Milford on July 1st. The second grade opens in September.

September 2012

First class of co-teaching in science in all classes from Preschool to Middle School: an American teacher and a French teaching together to the same class. In short it is a true example of excellence in bilingual education.

November 2012

History in march: the French American Academy opens a campus in Jersey City to serve the needs of a growing international population  for which bilingualism is an essential part of education. As such the campus is ideally located, 15 mn away from Manhattan by subway, well served by public transportation services (local bus, light rail), and in the downtown area of Jersey City).

September 2013

The school launches its first full year bilingual program in Jersey City. As a result with two operating campuses in New Jersey The French American Academy becomes a leader in bilingualism. 

September 2016

The French American Academy opens a 6th grade, first step into Middle School, in New Milford campus. And it is one of the important milestones in our development.

July 2017

As a testament to its bi cultural and bilingual nature, The French American Academy organizes its first Bastille Day in Jersey City.

September 2018

The school relocates its Middle School (6th, 7th and 8th grades) from New Milford to Jersey City. In brief, our school offers a complete bilingual education from PreK classes to 8th grade.

September 2019

Co-teaching is generalized to all classes of comparative grammars from 1st grade to 8th grade.  And science co-teaching is common to all classes.

March 2020

The French American Academy transitions from In-Person to Remote Learning during the time of Covid 19. As a consequence school buildings are closed. But education continues without interruption. In short this is one the key milestones as the whole community (teachers, students, parents) shows its adaptability to exceptional circumstances.

July 2020

As our two campuses reopens with summer camp sessions, both “in person” and “remote learning”, we experience summer as never before. We feel like we are making history as one of the first program to re-open in the state of New Jersey.    

July 2021

Relocation of our New Milford campus in Englewood to better serve students and staff. Englewood campus offers a vast outdoor space, spacious and bright classrooms, a cozy library and a large cafeteria. Moreover, the community can enjoy the walking distance to downtown for a coffee while the students can also walk to the Bergen Performing Arts Center, enriching our Arts curriculum.