The Exit Project

What is the Exit Project? Every year, our 5th graders end the school year with an Exit Project. But what is this endeavor? The exit project supports the school’s...
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Street Art Project: Inside/Out

Have you seen those large-scale faces looking at you from the windows of the school? Have you recognized some of them? The models are the middle schoolers students who...
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Sustainability on Campus

Sustainability on Campus The 17 UN Goals for Sustainable Development are part of our daily life at the French American Academy. Our students, teachers, staff, and parents...
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Comparing Education System

By Lola Gueguen Researching the best practices in education is part of the curriculum development at the French American Academy. Learning about other pedagogies, and...
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Earth Day

What is Earth Day Every year on April 22, people around the world celebrate Earth Day. It was first held in 1970 and is a key milestone for the environmental...
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A Passion For Books And Creativity

A Picture Book Genre Study In Humanities class, 6th graders participated in a Picture Book genre study; learning about lesson, theme, character, plot, backgrounds, facial...
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