How to Talk about Race

As members of an International school, whether we are French, American, or any other nationality, we cherish the values of diversity and tolerance. For that reason, we...
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Distance Learning and Efficiency

Distance learning, also often called remote learning, takes place in each classroom. To facilitate this new teaching model, teachers have implemented tools for the...
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Preschool Fun Challenge

Times call for challenges! Through daily remote classes, children learn with their teachers and continue learning, away from screens, while creating beautiful pieces. Our...
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Family Toolbox from our Psychologist

During this challenging time due to Covid-19, Laurianne Neidecker, psychologist, has shared useful parenting tips to support our children and lower their fear or anxiety....
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At Home Experience

Some Middle School Students have embraced the Spring Break Challenge and cooked a meal for their family. To encourage time away from the screen during this week and to...
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