Athletics at the French American Academy

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

Athletics are an essential part of the French American Academy. Whether it is gross motor skills in preschool and Kindergarten classes or Physical Education in grades 1 to 8, we value the importance of a healthy lifestyle which includes:

Being physically active and nutritionally informed

Practicing sportsmanship and teamwork

Demonstrating effort and resilience

Winning the AEFE Dance Competition

Dance is as much an art as it is a sport. The French American Academy won the 1st place in the World Competition AEFE Dance Challenge! 

Athletics in Prek-K

From 2 to 5 years old, the children participate in daily physical fitness activities. They improve body awareness, spatial boundaries, coordination, and control during their gross motor skills sessions.

preschoolers in a gross motor room

Athletics in Elementary and Middle School

Starting in 1st grade and each year, the physical education teacher will guide students through 4 components of our Athletics curriculum (activities vary depending on the grade):

Collaboration and Opposition

To experiment team games or sports with an opponent, athletes discover and practice sports such as wrestling, badminton, basketball, rugby, soccer, European handball, floor hockey, martial arts such as kendo.

Measurable Performance

Students experiment activities where they can fully measure their results. For example, they practice endurance and speed race, high jump, long jump, triple jump, vortex throw, or archery.

Movement in Different Space

Learning how to react in different places helps build adaptability skills and curiosity. Therefore, the physical education teacher implements special sessions of escalade, swimming sessions. In addition, he creates orientation and obstacle courses.

Body Expression

Through this unit, students learn to express themselves through dance, gymnastics, circus art, capoeira or acrosports. 

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Cultural Exchanges

Physical education classes can also use traditional games with or without a ball which can be an opportunity for cultural exchanges. The students can play dodgeball but also “Éperviers sortez”, “Poules Renards, Vipères” or “balles au prisonnier”.

Field Day

Our students can’t wait for the Annual FAA Field Day where students play many games in teams that include younger and older students. A fun moment to build our community of students.


Athletes from the French American Academy playing soccer on a field


Students play soccer in Leonia with the AYSO. They practice their skills in our enrichment soccer programs after school.

Athletes from the French American Academy showing their trophy

Track and Field

Students, as well as teachers and parents, participate in the races of our community such as New Milford for Education 5K, Haworth 5K or the City Challenge Race in Jersey City.


In the Fall, students run Youth Cross Country in Mahwah with NJ Striders

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