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Middle School Curriculum

Our Middle school Curriculum is designed to accompany students into a new cycle. Indeed, children enter a phase in their personal and academic life full of changes. This is when they begin to evolve towards being a teenager while still in need for structure and adult support. At this age, kids start to have mixed feelings about independence and guidelines. This is why Middle School is so important.

“Education is not a learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.”

Albert Einstein

Two Tracks in Middle School


This is the natural continuity of your child’s bilingual elementary education received at the French American Academy or at another French-American School. Students can speak, read, write and count in both languages at the 6th grade entrance level.


In this track, students are not required to have prior French language and a student can start without French knowledge. However, this track can also be the natural path for French-speaking families who didn’t choose a bilingual education during elementary years but would like to deepen their child’s ability in French. A strong second language with its cognitive and social benefits will be an advantage for higher achievement in high school or college.

Curriculum Guides

To help you navigate through our Middle School cycles,  we have created curriculum guides for each grade. These comprehensive fact sheets are a summary of our approach and curriculum. Download them now!

Why choose the French American Academy for your middle schooler?

Children entering their teen years are encountering many changes, physically and emotionally. Aside from puberty, children are also transitioning to a new school environment, where independence and a greater sense of organization is required. Also, academics and extracurricular activities are more competitive while feelings and peer pressure are challenging.

To keep our students engaged and focused in their learning we provide an exciting environment and attractive programs.

In addition to the core academics of Humanities, Math, Science, 3rd Language, Physical Education, Music, Visual Arts, History of the Arts, and Debate we promote activities reinforcing teamwork and collaboration, creativity and imagination, using interdisciplinary connections.

A Middle School student smiling at the camera

To teach beyond traditional structures of a regular in-class school day, our Middle Schoolers benefit from our one-on-one laptop policy and each student is provided with a Mac Book Air. Therefore, they get prepared and confident using common technology and softwares. 

Additionally, coding is part of our math curriculum and students love to learn this additional language and be exposed to scratch, brackets, or robots. Furthermore, our curriculum will include an introduction to AI – Artificial Intelligence – to understand algorithms and usage of AI in daily life.

The Advisory sessions are also key to help our teenagers grow and blossom. The FAA values a personal approach and each Middle School student is assigned to a faculty advisor. Each advisor acts as the student advocate and liaison between home and school for academic and non-academic issues. Advisors will (1) assist students with academic and social concerns, (2) assist the students with organizational skills and time management, (3) guide the students to become an independent and organized learner. This is a key element in preparing our students for High School and College.

Every week, the students will practice their oral speaking abilities to become strong public speakers. Debates allow students to become more proficient in developing arguments, speaking, researching, reading, and writing skills.  It promotes reasoning as well as communication skills.  Whether based on current events, historical events or literature and reading circles, speaking skills are key to becoming a confident and involved citizen.

Giving back, matters. At the French American Academy, we think that students benefit greatly – both academically and emotionally – from volunteering their time. When students get involved in community service, they not only help others, they learn about themselves. They get to interact with people who have vastly different backgrounds, they learn patience and empathy. They expand their worldview, and practice real-world skills that will help them succeed in high school and beyond: leadership, problem-solving, collaboration with others, time management, and communication. They realize how their actions can have a positive impact. They become engaged and responsible citizens.

Our students are encouraged to volunteer their time, energy and talent to their local, national and international  communities. In Middle School, community service becomes a requirement for Graduation. 6th graders will volunteer 10 hours within the year, 7th graders 15 hours, and 8th graders 20 hours. Sharing with our communities is a key tenet of the FAA’s philosophy.

Project-Based Pedagogy

The French American Academy nurtures, supports and fosters Project-Based Pedagogy. This approach helps children become active learners.

Poster of the Movie Face a Face from the French American Academy

Benefits of Project-Based Pedagogy:

  • Improves understanding and retention of content
  • Increases motivation for all students who learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects.
  • Develops a creative and analytical thinking mindset

Example of Project-Based Pedagogy in Middle School :

The musical “Face à Face” is a project Middle School students have worked on for 10 months. 6th graders did the costumes, 7th graders wrote and composed the songs while 8th graders wrote the story and the script. This incredible, interdisciplinary project factored in creativity, thoroughness, team spirit and much more came to life with the Premiere, aired to Parents on June 10! 

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