Dear Prospective Parents,

Thank you for looking into the admissions process at The French American Academy.

As our motto suggests, our bilingual education creates international citizens. Indeed, bilingualism offers many lifelong benefits. For instance, it builds curiosity and better cognitive skills. Above all, it provides an open mind as well as an ability to better connect with others. In a growingly complex and globalized world, parents must assess how the education they choose for their children prepares them to face the future. 

Enrolling at the French American Academy will put them on the right path to start the journey of life.

This page will provide you with helpful information regarding the enrollment process. We hope that our International Bilingual School will be a good match for your child and your family. We hope to see you soon.

A bientôt!

Cathy Joly, Admissions Director

201 724 1544

Benefits of the French American Academy

Applying to the French American Academy sets your child on the proven path for cognitive development, social growth and academic success, thanks to our bilingual and well-rounded curriculum.

All in all, bilingual students are better learners, speakers and thinkers The French American Academy offers a high quality bilingual education from Preschool through Middle School. Moreover, we offer our graduates the best opportunities to apply to standard High School or to IB programs. For more details check our curriculum or the school life, or visit our FAQ page. 

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Check out other parent’s reviews who trusted the The French American Academy with their child’s education. We have a proven record of turning a single-language-speaking child into a bilingual individual. A third of our families doesn’t speak French at home

Admissions Process: Helpful Information

We will guide you all the way through the process. First, you will meet with the Admissions Director. Then we will invite your family to come and meet with one of the School Directors. We want to know more about your child and about you. Next, we will organize an encounter with the Head of School as well as with some parents during an Open House. We will have an open discussion all along. This school is about your child’s next few years. But it is also about you. If you join us, you are entering a community of parents, teachers and bilingual educators. You want to make sure it is the right place for your child and your family.

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