A partnership with Haiti

The FAA has started a long-term partnership with two schools in Haiti, in the Ganthier area, with the support of the non-for-profit organization Konekte...
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Overnight trip to Greenkill

Second and third graders spent 3 days in Greenkill, NY for an outdoor experience. The students enjoyed working on forest ecology, survival skills, discovering a pioneer...
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International Day

The French American Academy is committed to fostering a learning environment where racial, ethnic, economic, gender and other differences are not an impediment to growth...
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Haworth 5K

Nutrition, healthy habits and exercises are part of the FAA values. Students from 1st grade and up ran 5 km in the green scenery of the Haworth town, or the 1 mile color...
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Spirit Day

To celebrate the values and the colors of the FAA, all students gathered for a joyful Spirit Day!
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Field Trip to the Goelette Tara

Today, fourth through 8th grade students  met the Tara’s Foundation Team. This scientific team started exploring the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and especially the...
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