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Tuition and Financial aid

Our tuition fees reflect our excellence in education and accredited bilingual program.

In order to see your tuition at work, first, visit our academics section to better understand our well-rounded curriculum. Then, check out bilingualism approach. And finally, take a look at our accreditations from different organizations in France and in the US.




Revenues allows the school to do many things independently. Firstly, it helps attracts and retain the mot talented faculty. Secondly, it facilitates the integration of new technologies into our classrooms. Thirdly and most importantly, it allows to offer financial aid to new and existing families.

Tuition is payable annually or monthly  In addition, there are many options that you can choose from. For example, you can add lunch or enrichment programs, or before and after care sessions. Please take a look at our 2 pages summary corresponding to the campus you are interested in.


2020-2021 School Year


2020 – 2021 Jersey City Campus Tuition

2020 – 2021 New Milord Campus Tuition


2021-2022 School Year


2021 – 2022 Jersey City Campus Tuition

2021 – 2022 New Milord Campus Tuition


Financial aid


Families can qualify for need-based financial aid through The French American Academy Scholarship Program or the French government.




Another tool the school is leveraging to find revenues is fundraising. The French American Academy of New Milford is a non-for-profit school and tuition alone does not cover the full cost of the school education. As a result, the school organises fundraising events to generate additional revenues and fund its programs. The campus of New Milford is very active in organizing fundraising events. For example, last year, The French American Academy organized its annula gala at the French consulate of New York, where patrons and friends enjoyed various meals and wines from the French gastronomy! These special events strengthen  the community on one hand while helping the school balancing its operating budget on the other hand.

Each year, the Annual Giving of the French American Academy of New Milford provides approximately 12-16% of the operating budget.