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Excellence and Bilingualism

The French American Academy has a reputation in excellence in bilingual program. We offer an early-start, gradual immersion, dual language education to students from Pre-K2 through 8th grade.


Our bilingual curriculum offers more than second language acquisition.  our full-time program provides students not only a proven path for cognitive development but also social growth.


Academic success is measured through progress in core skills like reading and writing as well as math and science.

A well-rounded Curriculum

The French American Academy  supports and enables deeper learning through the 6 C’s:

Character | Citizenship | Collaboration | Communication | Creativity | Critical Thinking

The French American Academy provides English and French language learning from preschool to middle school through elementary school.

Go to the Preschool (PK-K) curriculum

Go to the Elementary school (1st-5th grade) curriculum

Go to the Middle School (6th-8th grade) curriculum

Our student-centered program features:


  • Deeply dedicated, experienced faculty
  • Small class sizes with high teacher to student ratios
  • An interactive learning environment that stimulates and cultivates each student’s potential for excellence.
  • An effective balance between the latest learning research and teaching techniques and the traditional disciplines found in a challenging, classical academy education.

Reviews speak for themselves