Elementary and Middle School

The Accelerated French Program

We provide a personalized education that challenges and propels students on their journey to becoming well-rounded Global Citizens

  • Rigorous Academic Curriculum
  • Small Class Sizes – Individual Attention 
  • Inclusive International Environment
  • No French required to enter the program 
  • Accepting students with strong English language proficiency or knowledge of another language
FAA French Middle School Students

French Language Fluency
Achieved in 3 Years

Accepting students from
preschool to middle school

Financial Aid &
Scholarships Available

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Students receive an accelerated path to the French language with 6 hours of small group instruction in French as a second language (FSL), and full immersion in visual arts and physical education. 

Students are combined with students from the Bilingual Track in humanities, english, math, science class, and music classes.

INNOVATORS in bilingual education

Why the Accelerated French program ?

Research shows that mastering 2 languages improves attention, critical thinking skills, and organizational abilities. Children’s brain have an innate ability to learn languages. However, starting at the age of 12, the brain begins to “lateralize” language into rigid, hard-to-reach compartments. 

Thanks to our Accelerated French Program, elementary and middle school students with a non-French speaking background can reach French language fluency in approximately 3 years.  

This track uses a proven methodology and a dedicated structure that will give your child solid foundations in French and valuable skills that will prepare them to succeed in an ever-changing globally oriented world.

Visit us to meet our pedagogical team and learn all the benefits that your child will reap. 

Benefits of Learning a 2nd Language

Benefits of Learning French

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