To teach beyond traditional structures of the school day and to create a population of prepared, confident users of technology, laptops, Ipads and interactive boards are part of our everyday life.

Our Middle School students benefit from our one-on-one laptop policy and each student is provided with a Mac Book Air.

Students use their computer in a setting previously discussed, organised and monitored thanks to Apple security tools.

The FAA has developed its own technology curriculum promoting technological and information literacy as well as critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills necessary for all individuals to compete in our ever-changing global economy.

Starting in 3rd grade, our students are linked through the virtual classroom of Google Education and share their writing, resources, and comments.




Technology is multi-disciplinary and has applications in a wide-range of contexts.


About Coding

“Teaching the principles and applications of coding to our youngest learners brings them opportunities to expose their brains to deep critical thinking and logical reasoning skills, which they would otherwise not exercise until much later in school,” says Alexis Cobo, a Lower School Computer Science and Technology Specialist.


Teaching coding to students of all ages ignites engagement, self-directed discovery, and interdisciplinary learning.

Coding doesn’t involve only mathematical skills but also language skills. Students can tell a story and create interactive games. While coding students need to write dialogue or organize their story and thoughts in sequential order. They learn how to collaborate efficiently with others, develop problem-solving skills, and persist through difficult tasks.

The goal is not only to learn how to code but to learn while coding.



The Curriculum

The youngest learners in Kindergarten and first grade gain foundational computational thinking, develop programming skills, and are able to recognize patterns, rules, and trends when solving a problem.

It also allows our youngest learners to stretch their creative abilities. When children play, they combine their existing knowledge with new ideas to solve problems and create understanding. In the process, they make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and discover alternative solutions.

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Students in grades 2 through 5 explore computing practice and programming through technology tech toys that includes Bee-bots, Pro-bots, Ozobots, Sphero, Robot Mouse, Code-a-Pillar, Cubetto, Kibo, Lego WeDo, and the MIT block programming language Scratch.

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In Middle School, our students will explore coding by using programmable robots and drones, software such as Brackets to learn JavaScript, platform as Scratch or

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