Media Education : A New Class In Middle School

This year, the FAA has launched a new class, “Media Education,” taught by Elisabeth Spettel. This course aims to give our students the necessary skills to navigate the news’ world. Nowadays, it is so important to investigate the credibility behind the sources we use and analyze its validity. 

Elisabeth with her students showing their work on medias analysis

Educate Students’ Free Will

In her class, Elisabeth brings awareness to various media outlets whether it be newspapers, radio, television, and/or social media. Through their exploration of these different sources and their connection to historical and literary texts, students are exercising their critical thinking skills, enhancing their sense of curiosity, and learning how to develop their own personal point of view.

Inspire Them To Create

Furthermore, students are practicing their public speaking skills through their own creation of podcasts followed by their participation in the renowned compétition “Ambassadeurs en Herbe’‘ within the AEFE network. In short, Elisabeth links with great success an understanding of media while letting students produce their own content.

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