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Welcome to a place where children fall in love with learning, a school that not only opens new doors,
but new worlds, a bilingual path to excellence.
Since its founding in 2007, the academy’s goal is to create
a child-centered environment that uses the dual lenses of French and English to inspire and cultivate open-mindedness, empathy and a love of learning that will last a lifetime.
The French American Academy is an international,
bilingual school and provides an early-start, gradual immersion, bilingual education to students from Pre-K through middle school. FAA’s well-rounded curriculum gives students a proven path for cognitive development, social growth and academic success through inquiry based learning that blends intuitive reasoning with learning programs that deliver measurable progress in core skills like reading and writing, math and science.
Our student-centered programs feature:
• Deeply dedicated, experienced faculty with American and French native teachers.
• Small class sizes with high teacher to student ratios.
• An interactive learning environment that stimulates
each student’s potential for excellence
• Diverse, international environment.
• A well-balanced curriculum effectively integrates
the latest research and teaching techniques with the traditional disciplines found in a challenging, classical academy education.

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