Our Mission

The French American Academy strives to provide the highest educational standards with a bilingual, comprehensive curriculum in a safe and creative environment

We foster an atmosphere that promotes critical thinking, curiosity, enthusiasm, and a strong work ethic. In addition, we encourage the physical, social and emotional development of our students in a nurturing, multicultural setting. Finally, we cultivate diversity and inclusion as well as individual talents. 

Most importantly, we aspire to see our students become well-rounded, lifelong learners, who are respectful, confident, positive, open-minded, and globally literate.

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Guiding Philosophy and principles

We believe :

  • learning a second language at an early age is a lifelong advantage.
  • a bilingual approach benefits children both academically and cognitively.
  • children learn best when they feel safe, supported and nurtured.
  • big things happen in small classes.
  • in established traditions and the latest advances.
  • in diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • every child has a potential for excellence.
  • in educating the whole child.
  • we are all citizens of the world.
  • passionately, in what we do

Bilingual education

French American Academy students receive the benefits of bilingual and bi-cultural education. Our school’s goals are to educate students to:

  • first achieve fluency in both the French and English languages
  • speak, read, write, count, think in both French and English
  • then compare and contrast French and English grammar and usage
  • also use French and American approaches and strategies in STEAM subjects
  • next understand and appreciate French and American cultures and traditions
  • in addition make cultural and historical connections across continents
  • and then be well-read and knowledgeable global citizens of European and American civilizations, world geography, and current events
  • finally achieve oral fluency in a 3rd language (level A2)

Multicultural and international citizens

French American Academy students grow in an international environment embracing diversity and inclusion. Our missions and values are to make them bilingual as well as international.

To this end, our educational values are rooted in the following beliefs.

  • First French American Academy students are open-minded and accepting of all cultures, ethnicities, genders, abilities, ideas, and religions.
  • Also they are socially aware of and sensitive to differences in socioeconomic status.
  • Next they are flexible and adaptable, yet firm in their core values and beliefs.
  • In addition these students are learners through both academia and real-life experiences.
  • French American Academy students are respectful and polite.
  • They are charitable.
  • Finally French American Academy students are conscious of their impact on the environment and are active participants towards global change.

Which skills will French American Academy Students Acquire?


First, French American Academy students show teamwork and listening skills by:

  • taking into account each other’s ideas
  • also adapting to new points of view
  • then effectively managing compromises
  • finally taking ownership


Next, French American Academy students communicate clearly and with confidence:

  • in both French and English
  • both orally and in their written work
  • purposefully
  • by effectively using various tools (digital, visual arts, music, dance, etc.)


Also, French American Academy students use the dual lenses of French and English as well as the French and American cultures to solve problems in innovative ways. They are able to:

  • first think outside of the box
  • also persevere
  • then learn through interdisciplinary approaches
  • finally develop entrepreneurial skills

Critical thinking

Finally, French American Academy students are critical thinkers. They are:

  • first analytical
  • then able to construct and debate a point of view
  • next problem-solvers
  • finally able to navigate ethical dilemmas


French American Academy students strive to develop a strong character by:
  • nurturing a healthy work ethic
  • working to their potential with a growth mindset
  • building grit and perseverance
  • setting goals and taking risks
  • being resilient in the face of adversity
  • being independent, self-reliant, and resourceful
  • exercising compassion and empathy

French American Academy students maintain their physical, mental, and emotional well-being by: 

  • being physically active and nutritionally informed
  • practicing sportsmanship
  • demonstrating effort and resilience
  • being aware of their feelings
  • expressing themselves in different ways 
  • being wise users of social media

A logo representing our values

Missions and Values Our logo represents a book composed of colored pages. The baseline highlights the impact of a bilingual education on the personality of a student who shall become a citizen of the world.
  • Excellence in Education is represented by the open book. In a time where technology infiltrates all aspects of our life, especially in education, we want to preserve and promote learning with printed books. Touching pages, reading from a printed medium rather than a screen stimulates the brain and engages the learning. For example, at the French American Academy, we put the emphasis on reading and working on printed books in two languages. As a result, we teach bilingualism with more efficiency than if we were to use only screens and digital tools. In addition, the flipping pages suggest the dynamic nature of learning itself and the movement and progress we constantly initiate and support.
  • International and diverse environment. At The French American Academy everyone is welcome with no distinction of race, gender, color of skin. The multiple colours of our logo are the symbol of diversity and inclusion.They are also a graphic representation of the international environment our students and staff come from. We provide a bilingual education and we help develop our students into international citizens of the world.
  To end this presentation of our missions and values,  we invite you to read this article from BBC which encapsulates our Missions and Values.