Diversity and inclusion are part of our core values

The French American Academy is committed to fostering a learning environment where diversity and inclusion are appreciated and celebrated.  In other words, we consider race, ethnicity, wealth, gender, and other differences as as assets to reach growth and success.

The French American Academy is an International school. So being French, American, or any other nationality doesn’t make any difference. We similarly cherish values of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance. Likewise, we believe our students need a multicultural environment so that they can learn, accept and embrace disparities. As a result, they will gain intellectual flexibility and agile minds so that they are able to manage discomfort, practice teamwork, and develop character and honor. At school, we encourage experiences with various approaches. We act like a tiny replica of our larger society. As a result, our graduates thrive as individuals who are culturally aware. So they are prepared to be great citizens of the world.

Action beyond words : Diversity and Inclusion Committee

To support the curriculum and the community, The French American Academy created a Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Its mission is to make recommendations, provide resources or training to faculty and parents. It also creates events supporting a diverse and inclusive culture. The committee meets regularly and is representative of the school diversity.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to raise awareness about the rich fabric of the French American Academy community and ensure a safe and respectful environment for everyone (children, families, teachers, and staff). We believe that when we honor, support, and strengthen our diversity, we also create a sense of belonging where everyone can thrive and flourish.

Inauguration with Dr. Howard Stevenson

During its inaugural event, The Diversity and Inclusion Committee welcomed Dr. Howard Stevenson. He is a nationally recognized expert on race justice, diversity, and inclusion issues. He is Constance Clayton Professor of Urban Education and is also Professor of Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

Guest speakers

Kesley Tainsh delivering her message about diversity and inclusion to French American Academy's students

The Diversity & Inclusion committee recently invited Kelsey Tainsh to talk to all students in 3rd grade and up. Kelsey overcome a brain tumor at 5 and a stroke at 15. She delivered an inspirational message to our students. More specifically, her message was about:

  • Acceptance and tolerance of others’ uniqueness.
  • The importance of kindness and why it matters
  • Sharing struggles and differences rather than hiding them
  • Turning uncomfortable situations into life-changing opportunities

Resources to talk about race with your child

In order to navigate the questions our children might have about race, here are resources to support these conversations and dialogue.

Articles :

Books :

Videos :

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