Our logo’s central symbol is a book of rainbow colors, representing the colorful world of knowledge we impart to our students. The flipping pages suggest the dynamic nature of learning itself and the movement and progress we constantly initiate and support.

FAA’s brand mark symbolizes tradition and an open book to the future.

These pages are blank. They will be filled with the many lessons each student experiences – discoveries about the world and themselves.

Each color has a different meaning. Each color has been assigned a theme dear to us.



Green the color of life, renewal, nature  is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, and environment.

  • Green for Sport, Nature and Sustainable Development


Yellow stands for clarity, energy, concentration, enlightenment, intellect, and joy.

  • Yellow for Mathematics and Problem Solving


Orange represents enthusiasm, warmth, creativity, expression, stimulation, encouragement, and fun.

  • Orange for Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Dance


Red is associated with strength, leadership, power, passion, emotions, and love, but also the French and American flags.

  • Red for Social Emotional Learning and Bilingualism


White is associated with light, brilliance, goodness, safety, simplicity, innocence, and perfection.

  • White for Humanities, Literature and Learning from History


Blue represents both the sky and the sea and is often associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration. It also symbolizes wisdom, confidence, intelligence and faith.

  • Blue for Science and Critical Thinking