Diversity and Inclusion are more than Words for Us

These past two years, on Martin Luther King day, The French American Academy has implemented a workshop with its teachers, administration and students on the topic of Diversity and Inclusion.

Academic Excellence is not Everything

Everyday, we can see the need for more tolerance in our world. A teacher’s work is, of course, about academics and here at The French American Academy, we apply the utmost attention to the excellence of our curriculum. However, as we see it, teachers must go beyond this role and educate their students to all these “soft skills” that are so important to be a complete citizen of the world. Teachers are, more than ever, instrumental in planting the seeds of kindness, empathy, and acceptance of others in their students’ minds. At the French American Academy, we support and deliver deeper learning through the 6Cs :Character | Citizenship | Collaboration | Communication | Creativity | Critical Thinking. 

Educate How To Live King’s Legacy

This year, in light of Martin Luther King Jr.’s message, all classes implemented projects, reflection, and actions. They also participated in an online workshop with Dr Derrick Gay. In first grade, they shared and compared their family traditions while others in 2nd grade shared their dreams while in Englewood, the whole community collected cans and non perishable items that the delegates brought to the food pantry house next door.

Empathy and Compassion

Teaching diversity and inclusion starts with the values we care about such as kindness and respect. In each of our students we want to model and instill :

  • Acceptance and tolerance of others’ uniqueness.
  • The importance of kindness and why it matters
  • Sharing struggles and differences rather than hiding them
  • Turning uncomfortable situations into life-changing opportunities

It is also important to acknowledge that stereotypes whether they are positive or negative can be harmful. Let’s start with understanding how stereotypes work.


You can also watch this short video with your child and have a discussion afterwards

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